Newest Games Sniper Assassin 1 Sniper Assassin 1 This is a job that requires finesse and nerves of steel. Lives are at stake here, people! Just don't kill the innocent.]]> Tue, 06 Sep 2011 07:45:00 -0600 Sniper Assassin 2 Sniper Assassin 2 Avenge the hideous murder of your wife. But many targets lay between you and your final victim. Wear your boots, 'cause you're gonna be knee-deep in blood before this is over.]]> Sun, 04 Sep 2011 21:06:07 -0600 Sniper Assassin 4 Sniper Assassin 4 Shawn's wife is dead, and he's retired, drinking, and growing a beard. But he's still the best shot in the business, so we're bringing him back for a little more bloody work. FTW!]]> Sun, 04 Sep 2011 21:05:47 -0600 Youda Camper Youda Camper Create your very own camping site! Let your imagination take over and create the campsite that you have always dreamed of in Youda Camper! You will have the option of creating any type of campsite you want, because you are the campsite owner who is fully in charge! Its your goal to make sure that plenty of campers visit your campsite so that your revenue keeps flowing in! This will give you the opportunity to expand your campsite. Build your own tents, bungalows, parks, bingo halls, supermarkets and playgrounds! Construct roads, take care of landscaping, solve disasters, and much more in this adventurous and recreational management game! Each group of campers requires different kinds of surroundings. It is important for you to accommodate your campers with important campsite objects such as toilets, showers, lighting and more! You can even stimulate your campsite's growth with various advertising campaigns! Are you ready to manage your own piece of the great outdoors?]]> Sun, 04 Sep 2011 20:58:38 -0600 Final Ninja Final Ninja Help the Final Ninja, Takeshi, defeat his arch-nemesis Akuma in this rope-swinging ninja-stealth platformer!]]> Wed, 31 Aug 2011 15:18:08 -0600 Bubble Struggle II Bubble Struggle II In Bubble Struggle 2, one plays as a devil character dressed in a trench coat, yellow T-shirt and bright orange shorts. Bubble Struggle 2 is characterized by colorful backgrounds that are different for every level and a simple, light-hearted game design. The object of the game is to destroy dangerous bubbles, that bounce around the screen, by splitting them into smaller components and finally destroying them altogether.]]> Wed, 31 Aug 2011 15:14:57 -0600 Pipe Riders Pipe Riders Guide your ship down tunnels at extreme speeds! Avoid obstacles, grab green cubes to restore your shields, and stay focused. One false move, and you will be shattered! Thirty two tracks and four difficulty levels. Careful not to get motion sickness!]]> Wed, 31 Aug 2011 14:28:39 -0600 Toys Room Escape Toys Room Escape You're trapped in a strange room with many toys,it's Children room,you can't wait,so you must find some useful hidden objects and use them to solve some puzzles to escape this room by yourself.Good luck!]]> Tue, 30 Aug 2011 22:22:39 -0600 Drunken Masters Drunken Masters Become a bartender! Mix drinks, do tricks, and earn tips!]]> Mon, 23 May 2011 10:34:01 -0600 Cargo Bridge Cargo Bridge A new quality of bridge builder. Build a bridge and test your consctruction skills. Help your workers to collect items located on the other side of valley. Become a number one of the leader board.]]> Fri, 08 Apr 2011 14:04:43 -0600 TOPO GUN TOPO GUN A short and fun vertical shoot em up. Be the best Top Gun!]]> Fri, 01 Apr 2011 13:11:00 -0600 Back Platformer Back Platformer They return to undo what's not done.]]> Fri, 01 Apr 2011 09:32:44 -0600 Air Bubble Film Air Bubble Film Game-joke. Pop bubbles as much as you can in 12 seconds. Clicking on the already popped bubbles reduces your score.]]> Mon, 28 Mar 2011 13:15:50 -0600 Super Sudoku 2011 Super Sudoku 2011 Sudoku is a logic-based number-placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 boxes (also called blocks or regions) contains the digits from 1 to 9 only one time each. The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid.]]> Fri, 04 Feb 2011 21:37:38 -0700 Urban City Defender Urban City Defender Urban City Defender - Shoot the incoming aliens. Kill the final boss. Will you survive?]]> Wed, 02 Feb 2011 12:31:37 -0700 Fortside 2 Fortside 2 The second part of well-known tower defense game for all funs of old-school pixel art. Defend your land from invading enemy troops. Don’t let them pass through the map to the end of the road! Build defensive towers along the road strategically choosing which type of tower to build, upgrade them in time and always be one step ahead of the enemies. Absolutely new 15 maps, with new survival mode added. And now you can sell your towers if you need money urgently.]]> Wed, 02 Feb 2011 12:23:56 -0700 StickRPG Complete StickRPG Complete Stick RPG Complete; The full version of an XGenStudios' cult classic. With the bus depot and furniture store now open you can travel to other cities and furnish your apartment... or mansion, if you can afford it. Steal a car, run for president, but keep in mind - each life decision affects, or is affected by, your Karma. Welcome to Stick RPG, XGenStudios’ first foray into the world of flash game development. Face the challenge of struggling to survive in a world of paper thin citizens, super-human bar-room brawls and cut throat corporate ladders. This life sim is reminiscent of 'Jones in the Fast Lane' - but the lane is so much faster, and the life, so much... Stickier Right from the get-go, you're beset with a multitude of alternatives; what statistics to concentrate on, where to find employment, and whether to abide by the law or to spit in its face! In StickRPG, you have the power to make choices that affect your stickman's life, and the results, unlike real life, are often hilarious, and often occur... often!]]> Tue, 14 Dec 2010 19:03:16 -0700 Crush the Castle Crush the Castle The King has ordered you to crush all resistance in order for his kingdom to survive. Crush castle after castle by wiping out all of it's inhabitants with a powerful Trebuchet and an arsenal of 8 different projectiles.]]> Fri, 10 Dec 2010 23:16:27 -0700 the Flood Runner 2 the Flood Runner 2 Run away from the flood and avoid the obstacles. Get a high score to win.]]> Fri, 10 Dec 2010 23:11:00 -0700 the Flood Runner the Flood Runner Try your luck at beating the flood, long far, run hard and don't forget to jump.]]> Fri, 10 Dec 2010 23:10:49 -0700